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Consulting Service Solutions inc. (CSSi)
improving Organizational Effectiveness & Talent Productivity 
through Leadership Development & Business Best Practices
Business Consulting and Planning


Does this sound Familiar?


You have a key group of people that are not delivering the results you expect! 

Everything tells you they should be excelling... but they are not! Rest easy... we have a Solution... a set of tools, practices, and skills to solve your problems!

What we do at Consulting Service Solutions inc. to

Accelerate Performance:

  • Provide HR Consulting Services

  • Deliver Leadership Development Training

  • Support Executive Coaching and Development needs

  • Offer Talent Management Consultant support

  • Create custom Management Development solutions

  • Lead Vision, Mission, Values, & Culture Workshops

  • Assist Teams with Organizational Design & Development

                         (including 180 & 360 Feedback)

  • Provide Business Process Analysis & Risk Assessments

  • Design & Facilitate Team Off-Sites 

CSSi has expertly crafted programs


For Leaders

Many business leaders have excelled to senior leadership positions at a speed which has outpaced the investment in their Leadership-Development. As such, they may be pushing the limits and effectiveness of their own leadership capabilities; often, they are struggling to lead teams and/or driving key business strategies where collaboration is necessary for overall success. 

Consulting Service Solutions Inc. can help assess a leader's strengths and weaknesses, set goals, and develop a plan for achieving results. Additionally, through various leadership tools and best practices, we are able to help ensure leaders continues to grow and improve; with the right support, any business leader can reach their full potential, and we can accelerate this journey.

For Teams

Establishing a High-Performing Team (HTP) is no easy task and requires more than just setting goals and putting a plan into action. Even if you were able to reach the high standards associated with a High-Performing Team, to maintain that level of performance, can be a daunting task. Don't go it alone;


Consulting Service Solutions Inc. can help you accelerate your team's performance - we have the tools and best-known methods to assess, diagnose, address, and sustain critical team behaviors and associated HPT best practices. Our team accelerates the journey to quickly reach optimized business outcomes.


We tailor engagements based on your team's specific needs and alignment with your company's strategy and goals. 

For Organizations

Consulting Service Solutions Inc.'s team is well versed in Strategic Planning best practices as well as change management methods and tools which help to ensure the strategy is positioned for succeed.  


Well framed Strategic Plans will surface Strategic Questions associated with a variety of critical topics including Organizational Design, Organizational Health, Talent Management, Product Development, Marketing Analysis, Sales Strategy, Customer Management, Service Support, Engineering Design, Environmental/Health/Safety (EHS), and others.   

Consulting Service Solutions Inc. can help frame and execute a Strategic Planning Approach as well as provide consulting expertise in many key business areas.  


Whether you're looking to revamp your current org design or simply improve communications within your team and/or across your organization, we can help design workshops and/or training programs to achieve your goals. Consulting Service Solutions' team of experts can develop a tailored solution that delivers meaningful results. Our world-class consultants take pride in a hands-on approach to consulting - we work closely with our clients to ensure your business problem is addressed quickly and effectively. 

CSSi Clients Provide Inspiring Feedback
"Thank you for creating a great environment for team learning!"

Vijay - Ca

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