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About Us

Consulting Service Solutions inc. (CSSi) is a team of seasoned consultants with expertise in Business Operations, Human Resources, and Talent Management.  CSSi has master facilitators, trainers, coaches, strategists, and executive experienced leaders who help to

Accelerate Performance at the Individual, Team, and Organizational levels.  

Our Mission is to Accelerate Performance

You'll find nothing elaborate here... our mission is simple and keeps our team focused!

High Performing Team Training


Our approach is rather straightforward:

  1. Gain clarity regarding the request and/or challenge.

  2. Understand the Desired Outcome(s).

  3. Determine the Measures of Success.

  4. Generate an Engagement/Support Plan

  5. Review the plan, Adjust as needed, Align.

  6. Implement.

  7. Review Progress (adjust as needed).

  8. Debrief


Consulting Service Solutions inc. has an extensive network of skilled consultants with broad-based experiences on multiple fronts. We can bridge between foundationally sound best practices and tailored custom solutions to address your business challenges. Whether your needs are to close development gaps at the senior or middle manager levels; or to improve your company's risk profile; or refine your operational norms, processes, behaviors; or any other area of concern, we have team members that can Accelerate Performance on multiple fronts!  

Consulting Team

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