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Award Winning Master Facilitator


Whether you need facilitation support for a simple one-off meeting or a multi-session event, it's critical to have a skilled facilitator who can apply the most effective tools and best-practices to manage the discussions and drive to the intended goals for the given event. At Consulting Service Solutions inc., we have extremely skilled facilitators who help you work through the planning process for your event, manage the activity during the event, and provide follow-up support as part of a debrief process to ensure you get the full value of your time and efforts associated with the event.


Our team of facilitators includes Facilitation Impact Award winners as recognized by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). Consulting Service Solutions inc. facilitators have many years of facilitation experience and are able to navigate a variety of engagements. 


Before the Engagement



Determine the purpose of the engagement with clear objectives, roles & responsibilities, and measures of success. Align on the logistics including a stakeholder analysis and supporting communication strategy/plan.

During the Engagement

Focus on what's important


Set the stage with the participants: Establish the objectives, set expectations, clarify the ground rules, define the scope, frame the level of participation, review next steps. 

Plan how it will go


Clarify and align on the process to be followed. Review the agenda and general timing. For the participants, set the expectations regarding the process and what level of flexibility will be required. 

Do what you planned


Execute as planned and facilitate the participants through the defined processes. Encourage engagement and participation. Summarize as needed while checking for alignment and agreement as a push for action & commitment is achieved.

After the Engagement

Debrief and Review what happened and what's next


Review the process and results based on the engagement. Debrief with client and determine next steps.

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